St Joseph's Church Additions and Alterations
Corner St James and Buckingham Ave, Springvale Victoria

A major refurbishment of an early Modernist era 1960s church, this project provides a new home for the congregation. The original church building had been subjected to a series of renovations and lost much of its design aesthetic. By stripping away the renovations, strategically pushing outward from the original façade and reorienting the church, FPPV has provided a contemporary facility for the extensive congregation while revealing and emphasising the beauty of the original building.

The existing timber floor and pews have been refurbished and add warmth to the large open space. Custom designed carpet and joinery add colour, while the traditionally styled Sanctuary lends weight and focus to the space. Liturgical items, designed and procured by the congregation, reflect the vision of the parish. The refurbishment also incorporates a complete audio visual system, new facilities for the priests, altar servers and helpers, a new piety stall, and integration of stained glass windows and existing statues. The addition of a Narthex and large verandah connects the church with the existing Parish Centre and allows the spaces to be used throughout the year.