Seeking truth,
finding beauty

The Way We Work

of the 4
aspects of
design —
Economy &

We work to balance:

The sculptural and aesthetic aspects
Meeting the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of users and the community
Meeting economic requirements in terms of social, financial and ecological costs
Engineering and building solutions and sustainable outcomes need to be integral with the design, in each project

At FPPV we practice architecture as a contemplative, social art which demands listening, understanding, identifying opportunities and constraints, interaction, challenging of preconceptions, creativity and egoless acid testing of concepts by the TEAM involved in the project: client, users, architect, consultants and builder.

We therefore have no house style - each project tells it’s own “storey” because each client, site and circumstance is unique.

Regular review of the design is carried out from the earliest conceptual ideas through to the developed design and technical resolution of the project.

FPPV 3D Visualisations -

Our Philosophy

At FPPV Architecture we believe that architecture and design are important, that the quality of our environment deeply affects the way we live and is an expression of our culture and social values. A well designed environment can make us happy and healthy.

We believe that architecture should respond to its user’s needs, both physical and spiritual. It should also respond to its context in terms of the streetscape and climate and also to its cultural and social context.

The whole of our environment is important to us and our interest spans from the detailed design of interiors through built form to urban design and town planning.