Stuart Peele


Stuart has broad experience in a range of projects in the areas of documentation, the control and management of documentation teams, project coordination and administration of project contracts. Stuart also has advanced computer skills, particularly systems with CAD, including the office computer setup and maintenance. Stuart is responsible for maintaining the Quality Management System for FPPV and managing the regular accreditation review for the ISO9001-2015 Certification.

Stuart has over 25 years of architectural experience in Australia, beginning as a student with the Properties and Buildings Office at the University of Melbourne in Facilities Management, establishing accurate CAD plans of the existing buildings on campus based on archived hand-drawn plans. He also established the University Map in CAD which is now used in many university publications.

As an experienced rower, competing at World Championship level for many years, Stuart cultivated a strong interest in the Sport & Recreation field, evidenced by the range of projects he has undertaken in this area. This experience covers Sports Stadia and Aquatic Centres for various disciplines and clients, including football, cycling and rowing. Stuart was also involved with setting up the AFL facility Guidelines, incorporating the area allocations and plan layouts (when employed at MLDesign). While Stuart no longer rows regularly, he has a keen interest in cycling and running.

Stuart also has experience with community and education projects, from documentation to coordination and administration, of significant and large-scale projects.