DELWP 8 Nicholson Street

East Melbourne, Victoria




When the brief for the colour scheme is ‘white’, creating engaging
spaces for staff requires subtle creativity. As the primary focus of
the project centred around staff amenity, creating inviting spaces
was key.
The project primarily involved reorganising the floor plan to
accommodate additional staff and meeting spaces, and larger
breakout areas. Detailed consultation incorporated constructive
feedback from a range of user groups. This feedback and support
was integral to managing major adjustments. The most important
of these was changing the ad-hoc workstations to a standard linear
type and allowing for more area to be used for staff facilities.
The colour palette, built up from an original base of ‘white’, stays
generally within a cool and clean palette. The staff areas are the
highlight of the new space, with colour being focused in these
areas. Here, brighter colours have been used sparingly to build
freshness and variety, and warmth is added through timber ceiling
The project duration was mid December 2018 to occupation in
April 2019. Completing the entire project, which included base
building upgrades, in this compressed timeframe required adaptive
approaches to problem solving and a cohesive construction team.