Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mercy Hospital

Heidelberg, Victoria




workspace is always an engaging challenge. For this design,
maximising access to natural light and opening the space up was
For the University of Melbourne reasearch and clinical staff based
at the Mercy Hospital, the accommodation provides a mixture of
offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas.
Intended to be a retreat from intensive work, the space is designed
to be undemanding. Natural materials, neutral tones and blue
highlights combine to create a calm environment, while living plants
help to balance the area against the clinical nature of the hospital
The simple timber screening and plant installations allow for a
mixture of privacy and connection. Communal spaces are located
next to the windows to encourage taking a mental break with a teabreak.
The warm neutrals and cool blues are combined in a range of
patterns and textures to form an environment that avoids monotony
without demanding attention