Dialogue in the Dark

Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria



As an event partner, FPPV Architecture assisted in developing
and adapting the Dialogue in the Dark concept for a local
audience, then brought the concept to life. FPPV coordinated
the highly complex fitout, overcoming a series of technical
challenges to ensure that the fitout complied with regulations
and maintained total darkness, with considerations given to
operation of services and warning systems. Close collaboration
between the client, contractor and architect enabled design
decisions to be made throughout construction to further
enhance the visitor experience, incorporating various unique and
unusual fixtures, fittings and finishes – the tram was particularly
challenging to procure. The seminar room can operate in light
or dark mode, with an acoustic operable wall onto the lobby. An
interactive, layered façade plays on the notion of darkness and
vision, with signage integrated into a perforated screen of braille.