St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Mount Evelyn

Mount Evelyn, Victoria



Following the refurbishment of the parish church, FPPV
undertook a master plan process and designed several stages
at the St Marys’ Mt Evelyn campus. Major projects included
additional learning spaces, resource rooms, new toilets and
extensive external circulation and learning areas. The most
recent stage incorporated the refurbishment of existing
classrooms and the new library. The significant level changes
across the site required careful consideration of both building
locations, and the relationship to outdoor areas and paths of
travel. Through the process of the building works, the site has
been designed for compliant access. A restrained and robust
palette integrated with landscape provides effective and
sheltered external circulation. Passive solar design was a key
element across this site, with orientation, thermal mass, shading
and cross-ventilation all integral to the design outcome.