Koonung SC, New Years 7-9 Learning Building & Administrative

Mont Albert North, Victoria



While the focus of the current new building is contemporary
learning spaces, the overall master plan began with three key
principles: improve access and connection, reduce building
footprint, and re-orient the school.
With extensive street frontage on three sides, it was important
to identify the main approaches to the school. This then set the
ideal location for a new administrative area.
Using the school’s preference for a grouping of years 7-9 and
10-12 with shared specialist facilities between, the master plan
reduces the buildings from five down to three. A proposed
future specialist wing will form the spine for the site, connecting
the higher ground level at Elgar Road to the lower level. Cross
circulation is located at either end of the buildings and on both
levels, cutting through all three. Vehicular movement is shifted
to the edges of the site and a central pedestrian path separates
high activity sports areas from passive landscaping between the
Finally, a future gymnasium building will provide a space large
enough for a whole-school assembly and an opportunity for
rental to community groups.