Wallan Family and Childrens Centre, New ELC, Maternity and Child Health & Community Centre

Wallan, Victoria



The Wallan Family & Children’s Centre is co-located with Wallan
Primary School and enables families to access a range of early
years services and education in one place. Centered around a
large, light-filled foyer, the facility incorporates two ELC rooms,
a multipurpose space, designed and sized to allow for future
use as a long daycare, and four consulting suites with shared
storage rooms between. Althought the consulting suites were
predominantly designed as space for Maternal and Child Health
services, provision was made during the design stages to ensure
that other service providers can also use these spaces. With a
shared kitchen between the foyer and multipurpose, the center
can fulfill a wide range of functions, from child specific services
through to community groups and events.