UoM, 11 Barry Street

An extensive and complex project, the driving principle for 11 Barry Street was the establishment of working ‘zones’. These zones consisted of Work, Community, Social, Collaborative and Focus areas.“11 Barry Street is the standard for all new University support and adminstrative accommodation throughout the campus”To achieve this, the deep floor plan was penetrated by three… Continue reading UoM, 11 Barry Street

UoM Faculty of Fine Arts & Music Refurbishment

Carefully organised spaces, bright colours and new skylightsremove all trace of the buildings previous purpose, except,of course, in the ablution facilities. Using skylights to provideincreased natural light to the floor space, the workspace isfocused around a central access corridor that also serves asa secure waiting point. A secondary circulation path runsperpendicular to this, accessing the… Continue reading UoM Faculty of Fine Arts & Music Refurbishment